Spark plug Bosch Super4 105 -  116 -  75 -  164...

Spark plug Bosch Super4 105 - 116 - 75 - 164 - 155


Replacement for Golden Lodge 2HL

Bosch Super4 Spark plug

Bosch Super 4 operates according to the principle of air-sliding spark and is the first spark plug consisting of 4 thin electrodes-mass and a central electrode pointed and silver coated. This combination is unique worldwide and provides key benefits for perfect combustion.

Thanks to the bold design, Super 4 spark plugs, waste less power from the ignition system as compared to conventional spark plugs, thereby increasing their efficiency.

Features and Benefits:

Greater safety of ignition due to the 8 possible paths for the spark
Self-cleaning due to sliding spark system technology
Extended thermal degree
Improved acceleration / performance
Significant reduction of gases emissions
Opening between electrodes pre-adjusted from factory

Electrical system
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